Neelam(Blue Sapphire)
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Neelam is the most widely used Gemstone in India. It is seen in the hands of unmarried girls so that they may get married in time, in the hands of business people wanting to accumulate wealth, in the hands of civil and military officers craving for status and power, even the politicians and actors are seen wearing this Gemstone.

Neelam is considered to be the Gem of planet Jupiter. Planet Jupiter rules the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Jupiter in Hindu Astrology is considered to be the Karka for family life, wealth, status, knowledge, accumulation of money, status symbols like Cars, Offices, Kothies, jewellery, precious show pieces, costly cloths, exclusive furniture, and so on. Prashar Rishi Hora Shastra says clearly that Jupiter can be propagated by wearing Neelam.

Neelam is the birthstone of two Zodiac signs controlled by Jupiter namely Sagittarius and Pisces. If this Gemstone is worn by those born under these zodiac signs - then they are able to get all that is detailed above as the karka for Jupiter.

Neelam is the Gemstone that I have used many times and found its positive results much more than what I was expecting. In year 2000 a Civil Engineer came to me and told me that he was out of service for 3 years and may not be able to handle the show a month later as all his savings and ability to raise loan funds has exhausted, the six feet tall, young handsome man was crying and simply unable to control his emotions. I saw in his chart that Jupiter was debilitated and had drishiti of Saturn in Transit. So I suggested him to wear a Neelam 9.25 Ratti immediately in his index finger in a Gold Ring. I told him that there will be a drastic improvement in his position in 40 days time. The person came back to me after 30 days or so and his manners and walk displayed his improved confidence level, he had got a good job in a big Engineering Firm and has been placed as per his seniority and was already working for 10 days. He thanked for my suggestions. I knew that if his weak Jupiter gets appropriate strength from a suitable Neelam his position in life will immediately change.

What needs to be ascertained when we say that a Yellow Sapphire will have the required efficacy are following factors:

1.   The Neelam should not have been used by any person before.
2.   The Neelam should have a strong Aura and should have been kept in a pious       environment.
3.   The person handling the Neelam is a person of strong integrity and trustworthy.
4.   The person handling the Neelam has ample knowledge of Astrology to guide which       sapphire is the best for a particular person and total knowledge of Gemology so that he has       the technical knowledge about the Gem Yellow Sapphire.

Most of the Neelam available in the market is from Sri Lanka. This gemstone is also found in Australia, South America and Siberia(Russia).

Pankaj Khanna

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